A Book A Day

I was just scrolling through instagram posts when I decided to click on the stories of people I follow. One story from a fellow debate club member bothered me. He was posting a chapter of a book. The next day, just like what I usually did, I clicked on people’s stories as I sat comfortably in my room […]

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Riuh Di Kepala Pukul 2 Dini Hari

Kadangkala kamu terlalu religius mencintai hal ini dan itu sampai-sampai kamu lupa mencintai Tuhanmu sendiri. Berhentilah sejenak, ambil air wudhu, sholat lalu mengaji. Hidupkanlah hatimu dengan mendengarkan hal-hal yang baik, bersihkanlah hatimu dengan niat-niat ikhlas. Kemudian ingatlah Ibu dan Ayahmu.  Dan satu hal penting yang jangan sampai kamu lupa; jangan pernah biarkan hatimu mati.  Karena […]

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She, and her attributes

she was the most orange form of blue like the color of the setting sky or the view when the sun rises just above the ocean her dreams are afloat and alive real and unending longing to be satisfied her hair is wavy like the stormy ocean and as black as the night sky but […]

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